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Born in 1979 Mike Fink ‘FINK’ is a self-taught Multidisciplinary Artist, Graffiti Artist and Nature Photographer based out of Las Vegas Nevada. 


Fink has began practicing art at a very young age but it was in 1993 when he began painting Graffiti Art. With its speed, large scale and great level of difficulty, it was this art form that quickly become one of Finks favorite and most challenging mediums to create with.


It was also during this time that out of necessity Fink would always carry a 35mm camera with him everywhere he went. He used it to photograph his artwork around the city as well as documenting the world around him. It was from this that photography become an important part of Finks workflow which later developed into also capturing beautiful imagery in the form of nature photography.


Fink currently works out of his art studio and gallery ‘Fink Gallery’ located just of the Las Vegas strip where he displays and sells his work. Fink continues to experiment incorporating new methods and ideas into his work and gives all praise to God who has generously provided all things.


The Artwork that Fink creates is known to be playful in form yet is not restrained to any one style. His artwork varies according to what he may feel like creating at any given time. From simplistic sketches to more intricate drawings and paintings including large artwork on canvas and commissioned city murals. 


The photography that Fink Captures consists of beautiful imagery that is both rare and surreal of actual events that took place in nature. His work emphasizes patience, endurance and the importance of seeking out original work. While some photographs can be captured within the day, others can take days, weeks and sometimes even years. Visiting and revisiting locations over and over in order to capture a scene under the most unique lighting and weather conditions.