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Born in 1979 Mike Fink (Fink) is a self-taught artist and nature photographer based out of Las Vegas Nevada. Ever since He could hold a pencil Fink has been practicing art and working in many creative fields. With a natural artistic ability, it has been through experimentation and trial and error that is Fink’s learning tool and self-taught approach. A process that leads to a greater appreciation for what he creates in producing endless roads that lead to new ideas.

Having lived in many locations across the US, it was while living in New Mexico when Fink began painting graffiti around 1993. With its speed, scale and great level of technical difficulty, it quickly became his favorite medium to work with. Within a short period of time Fink had already painted nearly a hundred city murals including both commissioned work and personal projects. Out of necessity a 35mm camera was always in hand where ever he went in order to document his paintings and the world around him. This lead to experimentation in photographing many different subjects, which eventually transpired into shooting nature photography. 

The photography that Fink produces consists of beautiful imagery that is both rare and surreal. It emphasizes endurance and the importance of seeking out original work. Among this is a private portfolio that is not available online.

The Artwork that Fink creates is known to be playful in form yet is not restrained to any one style. His work varies according to what he may feel like creating at any given time. Upcoming projects and new work will eventually be posted on this website as time permits.

Trying to balance the time for artwork, photography and other related projects is not easy. None the less the work that Fink produces never falls short of work integrity and is known to be unique and advanced in skill. From simplistic sketches to intricate drawings and paintings, precise woodworking and attention to detail, to spending an endless amount of time in the field in order to capture the perfect photograph. It is that irresistible drive to keep advancing forward that is embedded in his character.

Currently Fink works at his studio and private gallery located just of the Las Vegas strip. Here he creates and displays much of his work for discerning collectors. Fink is a true artist through ability and a natural talent which has been earned through much hard work and a lifetime of dedication. As a private individual, Fink wants his work to speak for itself and that all his gifts that have been granted may give honor and glory to God, Jesus Christ who is Lord.


– Crystal S.

The graffiti art and nature photography of Mike Fink.