The Wake Of Autumn – Part 2

As I prepare for my 2017 visit to Zion, I look back on last year’s trip and review a few of the images in this three part series.

A colorful scene of fallen red leaves and exposed roots gripping the autumn hillside.

Located hillside just off the bank of a small stream this is a familiar location that I had not visited in years. During the rainy season huge floods surge through this area washing away sediment exposing the trees roots. Like many places in Zion this makes for an ever changing landscape that can appear very different from year to year. When I had arrived most of the leaves had already fallen to the ground leaving behind a floor blanketed with color. It is not always easy making the decision of what to capture and what to pass up on. Especially since unpacking and setting up my gear can be quite timely but I knew that this was a scene that I wanted photograph.

Red Leaves And Some Trees

In order to get the composition and perspective that I was after, I needed to distance myself from the scene and extend my tripod to its highest position. With limited room to work behind me, I had to balance on a fallen tree while placing myself within the trees and branches themselves. With a few sharp pokes every once and awhile to the back of my neck, I was reminded that they were there. Upon viewing the scene through the ground glass I finalized my composition and metered for exposure. I triggered the cable release to the faint sounds of a lens shutter as it opened and closed.

Alone To Focus In Focus

It is the unique and secluded areas that are my ideal shooting conditions, a place where I can be alone and uninterrupted. Many times it is the intimate scenes that can be more difficult to capture then the grand landscapes. Often placing themselves just a step out of reach and can require being in awkward and unstable positions for long periods of time. It is all the hard work and effort of seeking out original imagery that makes me appreciate each photograph so much more in knowing they are my own.

From the wake of autumn to its rest, the fallen leaves upon the soil in their slumber.
Unearthed roots holding steadfast in their resilience, held upright in faith among the fallen to endure from season to season.
– Fink


The Wake Of Autumn – Part 3

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The Artwork and Photography of Mike Fink.