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artwork. photography. woodwork. design. projects.

Fink - Artwork and Photography


The FinkArtCo. (FinkCo.) is the private gallery and work studio of Mike Fink located in Las Vegas Nevada. In addition to the gallery is a custom woodshop where Fink works on personal projects as well as building original frames and fabric wrapped liners from the ground up for both his photography and artwork. 

Original Photography Frames by Mike Fink

Each hand built frame is made of solid wood and assembled using various old world joinery techniques and finalized with custom finishes according to each wood type. The entire process is very labor intensive and takes a great deal of time, resources, skill and commitment but also makes each completed piece one of a kind and incorporates true craftsmanship and work integrity.

All frames created and designed by Mike Fink are exclusive to his artwork and photography only.


Oxidized - Gallery Display

Desert Sun

Dessert Sun - Gallery Display

Match Stick

Match Stick - Graffiti Art

Morning Clarity

Morning Clarity - Gallery Display


FinkCo. Projects
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