New Website Design

It has been 20 years since I built my first website back in 1997 and the internet has changed dramatically since then. I would get emails from around the world exclaiming that they enjoyed my artwork and the design of the website which was interesting to me since I have no idea how they found it.

Google, YouTube, Social Media as well as most of what you have come to know about the internet today did not exist yet. I would “surf the web” with Netscape Navigator using a dial-up connection that could take several minutes to load a single webpage. When I needed a search engine WebCrawler was like the Google of its time which surprisingly is still around.

It was also around 1997 that I began graphic design. This came out of necessity and in some shape or form has been a supporting attribute to nearly everything that I do. Looking back I realize what a tremendous impact this has been allowing me the ability to be self-reliant on every logo, design, graphic and print work that I would ever need to create for my own personal projects.

New Website Design – MikeFink.com 

The re-design of my site has been a side project that I have been working on for some time now. It’s a great deal of work to layout a website along with all of its content including everything you don’t see. Although this will be an ongoing venture filled with future updates and improvements I am definitely glad that the site is up and running.

Updates and New Work

New work and updates in the form of Blog posts will be added periodically as well as photos of my wood-shop and future projects that are in the works. Check back time to time and signup to the newsletter located at the bottom of the Home-Page to stay up to date on new projects.

Thank you for visiting.