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The images below were all photographed with a large format view camera and captured using velvia-50, provia-100 and ektar-100 in both 4×5 and 6×17 formats.

My most recent photographic travels have taken me to Big Sur, Death Valley, McWay Falls, Monterey Beach, Mt. Charleston, Red Rock Canyon, Sequoia National Park, Valley of Fire, Yosemite, Zion National Park and many locations along the way.

Nature photography portfolio. 



October 2018 was my 8th consecutive year visiting Zion Nation Park. On my last day of photographing I setup at an area where thousands of autumn leaves had fallen. This blanketed the ground with many shades of yellow, subtle oranges and reds. I wanted a composition that only included the leaves and left out any evidence of rocks or boulders. There was very little time left in the day so the light was fading quickly. 

With low light and a wide angle lens it is very difficult to see the 6×17 ground glass. I set my composition and fine-tuned the focus with a bit of rear tilt in order to align with the focal plane of the slight embankment of the leaves. This was the last image that I photographed on this trip to Zion. It also turned out to be my last photograph taken for 2018.  After capturing this scene I went back to my campsite and loaded up my gear. In being content with a very productive trip, I then headed back home to Las Vegas.

New art and photography works by Mike Fink.