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A collection of digital and large format film photography.


Latest Work

View the latest large format film photography.

Story Book

This scene was captured in Sequoia National Forrest just as the days end was approaching. The cool light from the shadows mixed with the warm glow of the sun beaming through the trees added to the already mythical feel. Wandering through remote parts of the forest truly was like being in a story book. The enchanting feel along with the threat of bears being a real concern only seemed to heighten the sense of adventure.

With the sheer size of the larger Sequoias, it makes you question your own recollection. This leads to a desire to see these impressive giants again. If anything, only to satisfy your own imagination in knowing that they really are that massive.  

Large Format 4×5 – Kodak Ektar-100 Film

Welcome to the nature photography portfolio of Mike Fink.